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 Forum Rules and Warnings

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Forum Rules and Warnings Empty
PostSubject: Forum Rules and Warnings   Forum Rules and Warnings EmptyThu Mar 04, 2010 4:29 pm


1) No spamming.
- Quote only replies are considered spam.
- Try not to post one word comments such as "cool" or "nice". It tends to clutter up threads.
- Do not continue to go off-topic.
- False reporting

2) No Alternate or more than one account.

3) Do not flame any member.

4) Keep it work safe
- That means no pornography (Yeah you all know what that is Wink )
- No nipples, vagina, or obscene material (staff will decide if something is obscene, but you should know better than to post these kinds of things anyway. Doing this will get you an instant warn or mute, depending on the degree of the obscenity.)

- Do not make threats against members.
- Do not discuss drugs
- Do not discuss terrorist material (bombs, killing, etc.)

5) No posting in all capitals
- Self explanatory. Just don't do it.

6) Don't double post
- Random Insanity is the only place you can double post.
- Only excusable if you created a thread and want to update it.

7) Use the search feature
- To avoid creating multiple topics about the same thing, please use the search feature of the forum.

Cool Do not revive old threads.
- If a thread has not had any new post for 3 months, do not revive it unless you are the author of said thread.

9) No Illegal files/downloads.
- No Warez
- No torrents
- No bios, iso's, roms, etc.
- Do not link to any of the above
- If you want to discuss these things where to locate, use google and also use PM's.

10) Signature & Avatar size limit
- Signature size shouldn't exceed 500x200 pixels.
- If you are using userbars you might want to check out this site -> http://ubanimator.com
- Any signature that exceeds this limit will be edited by a Staff member.

- Avatar should not stretch the avatar area. (The whole avatar should be visible without any scrollbars or cut off avatar).
- filesize limit for avatar and signature combined should be no bigger than 250kb

11) Do not request for creations outside of the Mugen Request thread.

Also, if you break the rules, you get punished. The punishments you recieve are as it follows:

Warned: A green spot. Nothing blocked except the request section.
Moderated: A yellow spot. you can post but staff has to approve your posts before they are posted
Muted: An orange spot. You must be a serious rule breaker to get this. You cannot make posts, but you can still make PMs.
Banned: A red spot. Your days in this forum are over. Your account is disabled and access is denied.

Do not share passwords and accounts with other members. Do not pursue a user if he has broken a rules.
Do not take it upon yourself to act like a moderator. Be careful not to piss off anyone you don't like.
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Forum Rules and Warnings
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