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PostSubject: RANK GUIDE   RANK GUIDE EmptyThu Mar 04, 2010 4:32 pm

Rank Guide

User Ranks-

RANK GUIDE User110: You start out with this. Razz

RANK GUIDE 110: 10 posts

RANK GUIDE 111: 80 posts

RANK GUIDE 112: 150 posts

RANK GUIDE 113: 300 posts

RANK GUIDE User810: 400 posts

RANK GUIDE User1010: 1000 posts

RANK GUIDE User5010: 3000 posts

RANK GUIDE Max10: 6000 posts

;-------> Grouped Ranks (Must Be Given By an Administrator or Staff)

Pulse Crew
RANK GUIDE Pulse10: Anyone can get this, but ask one of the Administrators they have to give you the right
Graphic Artist
RANK GUIDE Graphi10: for members who stand out with their gfx and usually those that offer their graphic help to the staff.
Mugen Creator
RANK GUIDE Creato10: Creator is given to people who have deep understanding about Mugen code/Basically you have to make something and it must be decent or above, in other words character creator.
Mugen Contributor
RANK GUIDE Contri10: is for people who are starting out at creating, usually when you release more than 7 stages.
RANK GUIDE Modera10: Administration decides if you deserve this. You can monitor set boards and delete topics on them.
Global Moderator
RANK GUIDE Global10: A decision depending on how good you do as a staff or moderator. You can monitor all boards, Must be trust worthy as well.
RANK GUIDE Admin10: Twisted Evil
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