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 Rules of the release section

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Rules of the release section Empty
PostSubject: Rules of the release section   Rules of the release section EmptyTue Apr 27, 2010 4:15 pm

Hello there, I am here to explain some very simple and easy rules. If you follows these, we can prevent many problems.

The rules are very important, the forum will run very incorrectly without these. To have an arranged and organized release we respect that you treat these rules accordingly:

1. Do not claim someones material to be your own.
2. Give according credit to certain authors when it is an appropriate timing, again do not claim sprites/effects as your own.
3. Leaking is an automatic ban, we do not tolerate it. Not at all.
4. Please use the topic icons, (Stage HR, Stage, Char etc...) This will help people who are checking your release.
5. Release with respect, and respect an authors attempt to make feedback, it is time consuming for them and very thoughtful of them.
6. Release in the correct sections, for instance when releasing make sure you mark it correctly with your topic icon, and release it in the right release section.
7. We also have zero tolerance for private forums, if you link to a forum that's all fine and dandy. However, a private forum or a forum requiring registration, isn't worth our time.
8..Don't necrobump, or revive old topics, it causes headaches. People will think it's new when it is actually quite old. Necorbumping here, is considered reviving a 1 month old topic, if a post has not been made in this stage in exactly 1 month, your post will be sent to the trash.

We also hope that you enjoy your stay here, and do not have any problems whatsoever, with our forum.

Pm a staff member for more information.

Rules of the release section Ashcrimson
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Rules of the release section
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